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Greeting in the Name of our Lord Jesus & our Father God, who is also the God of the Generations!

Often times when we read a Bible passage that lists down genealogies, an initial response is to skip them and move further down the verses that dwell on more active & interesting narratives. Don’t we all do that? I do - until the Lord impressed upon me that every word in the bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit and carries a message! And indeed they do!

If there is one thing you won’t fail to find in the Bible, it’s the names of people - throughout history, throughout civilisations, throughout great biblical events. The detailed listing of names in the genealogies tell us one thing - that God’s focus is on people. His agenda in creation is people. Not the vegetation. Not the animals. It’s you and me. The value He places on us warrants His action to send His only Son to die on the Cross! We all worth that much in His eyes!

Secondly, the chronological sequence of the name list & the lineage order say much about God works among and between generations, one after another. Our God is the God of generations! The instruction so repeatedly emphasised in the bible is to “tell your children & your children’s children about His law & miracles through the generations! The legacy of God’s presence, works & goodness must live on - through the generations, communicated through & down the layers of our lineage!

Every name on the genealogy list was someone significant - whether he was a man who played a pivotal role in changing biblical history or was a quiet grandmother who taught her grand children the ways of God! Of course, there were those who walked the wrong side away from God’s will and became warning signals for us to avoid following.

If ever the book of ACTS were to be continued to be written, at some chapters down the road, your name & mine would probably be there. The question is: What would it be written of us and about us?

Would it be: “ Now when they saw the boldness of ________ (put in your name), …. And they recognised that they had been with Jesus.” ?

Or would it be: “ For ________ (put in your name), in love with this present world, has deserted me and gone to …..” ?

The answer to this question will be this - the choices we made today on how we will live our lives will define the kind of legacy we will leave behind tomorrow.

Look with me on Page 2 on the pictures of our JMK youths - what do you see? Yes, beautiful faces! More than that, I see a generation of Daniels’, Joshuas', Deborahs’ & Esthers', all holding the potential to be the pivot point of God’s moves in JMK, in Singapore and in the nations! Having read till this point, may I urge you to stretch out your hand over these faces & together say with me, “We bless all our JMK youths, that they will rise up as God’s Special Force, powered by the Holy Spirit, all of them fighting from the position of victory, pushing back every darkness that challenges them, that challenges the church, that challenges Singapore, that challenges the nations, and will triumph over everyone of them in Jesus’ Name! Amen!”

Bro Francis Leong

King's Scroll Editor in Chief

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