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During the June holidays, King's Generation went on a 2D1N trip to our mission house in Kluang, Malaysia. It was a significant trip because it marks our very first overseas excursion together as a ministry. There were many highlights: from the entertaining games to the strenuous hike, from the delectable packet foods to the all-consuming worship session; undeniably one of the most incredible and unforgettable adventure!

The presence of God was so real during our worship session and Pastor Steven’s sharing. It was then that I finally grasped the essence of the saying: To an Audience of One. Though the room was filled with people, it felt as if it was just me and God. My eyes focused solely on Him; my heart yearned only for Him. Oh, how the love and joy of the Lord lavished me! The challenge now, is to not lose what God has deposited in us, allow Him to reside fully in us and bring His powerful presence wherever we go.

The hike was not what we expected. We have trekked MacRitchie before, but Kluang was a whole new level: a level 10 at least! It was tough, but we enjoyed every minute of the climb. Not only did we push ourselves physically, we also pressed in mentally and emotionally. Each time we wanted to give up, we drew strength from one another! The immense joy when we reached the top made everything worthwhile (until the moment we realised we had to climb down). We had to problem solve (think about ways to ascend/descend), wait for one another (because of the varied abilities), be aware of the surrounding (watch out for one another, for safety reasons especially), arise and take charge (when something cropped up); to put it simply, one for all and all for one!

By Sis Pricilla Chua

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