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Greeting in the Name of our Lord Jesus, who promises renewal of strength for those who wait upon Him!

“… but they who WAIT for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31 ESV

As I meditated on this verse, the word “WAIT” stood up as a powerful word. Many of us do not like waiting. To most, waiting is a passive, time-wasting posture of life. We all used to say, “I can’t wait to …” get something, do something or reach somewhere. But unfortunately life always comes with phases of waiting no matter how much we detest it. And in God’s perspective, waiting is an integral part of the Christian walk where He trains, builds and equips His people for their assigned destinies.

Waiting has a Purpose. The Hebrew word for “wait” is “qavah”, which means a “gathering or gathered.” Interestingly this is the same word used in Gen 1:9 when God says, “Let the waters under the Heaven be gathered (or quavah) together in one place. Think of water level building up in a dam, once a significant level is reached, the water rushes down a channel to drive a turbine engine - and so great is that power and momentum of the water that it can generate electricity! Like water building up at one place, God uses waiting phases to build strength and resilience in your life, and at the opportune time when they are released, will enable you to powerfully touch lives and bring forth blessings to the community.

Waiting involves a duration. Strength of concrete comes about after a period of setting and curing - time is needed to build strength and character in your life. Abraham waited till he was 100 years old to receive the promise of a son; Jacob waited 7 years to marry Rachel and Joseph waited some 13 years for the fulfilment of his prophetic dream to become the top governor of Egypt. In the duration of the waiting process, these men build such powerful character of faith that qualified them a place in the hall of fame of God’s faithful generals. So don’t short-circuit God’s plan to build you by getting out the waiting phase prematurely due to impatience. Sarah could not wait for God’s promise of a late-age pregnancy and took on her own human wisdom to allow her husband to have a child with her servant girl and the undesired outcome was the creation of the “Ishmael” empire. As a current example, the hasty decision of some countries to relax the containment management of the COVID pandemic, allowing unprotected gathering of their citizens gave rise to 2nd, 3rd and even 4th waves of new COVID infections! The price of not waiting upon God can also be costly.

Waiting requires actions. Far from been a passive posture, waiting is a period of preparation for something bigger. Aren’t we all in the waiting phase and on the eve of the great event of the 2nd coming of our Lord Jesus? Do we not have much to prepare for? We need to step up getting ourselves “end-time’ ready. Build on our personal prayer and word life. Live circumspectly and live right in the sight of God. Impact more lives with the gospel and the word. The recent lockdown & prohibition of gathering to worship physically should spearhead us to greater urgency to redeem the time as much as possible before similar or even more severe restriction set in during the the end times.

Dear Brothers & Sisters, if God places you in a waiting phase - recuperating from a sickness; awaiting for a job opening; mending a broken relationship or recovering from ministry setbacks, count it all joy because once the waiting phase passes, something great is going to emerged to and from your life! (James 1:2; Psalms 37:9)

Eld Francis Leong

King's Scroll Editor in Chief

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