Dear Family in Christ, thank you for giving me this opportunity to give a testimony of the glorious deed that the Lord has done in our midst. All glory to Lord Jesus for speaking to Pastor Steven on starting this Tamil Ministry and giving us the functional ministry team as well as the support from Jesus my King church members.

Our God is a faithful God. Sunday 4th November 2018 was the day of our inauguration of the first Tamil Service in Jesus My King Church, from 4pm to 6pm. Pastor Steven shared through a video message on how the Lord has been restoring everything he had lost. One of these was a Tamil Church, that he had to let go a few years ago in Malaysia.

2018 has been a memorable year; one that my family and me definitely cannot forget!

The year started out with God providing a few different places for us to rent at the end of 2017. We stayed in a brother’s place for about 6 months in 2016 and thereafter rented another place for another 6 months in Sengkang and Tampines. Looking back, God provided timely funds into our account on a monthly basis to pay our landlords without missing any payment at all. Little did we realise that God’s plan was greater. He actually allowed us to go through this period to make us understand that we should put our trust only in Him and not in man.

Greeting in the Name of our Lord Jesus, who enables us to soar with wings like eagles to the heights of our destiny!

Once again, we are near to the finishing line of the year and very close the entry point of another. On behalf of the pastoral and leadership team, I want to speak the Lord’s blessings into the lives of anyone reading this newsletter - that God will touch you with a new level of anointing and maturity in the spirit and there will be new kingdom adventures lined up for you in 2019!

From 25 – 28 Oct 2018, Pastor Steven led a 8-member team from JMK on a mission trip to Taiwan. The team comprised of Sis Angeline, Bro Michael, Sis Esther Goh, Bro Kok Loon, Sis Lily, Bro Francis & Sis Esther Fong. Essentially the team was to minister to the tribal youth through a Youth Conference to be held high up on the Taiwanese mountain. Besides the Conference messages, incorporated in the sessions included house visits to some tribal households and the tambourine dance training for the youths.

"Let's Welcome 2019 with a voice of triump, with a voice of praise!"
Be with us in Jesus My King Church on 31st December 2018 at 9:30 PM.

Let's come together and worship the Lord as we cross into the New Year 2019!

We are starting the year with fasting after we feast on the eve of the coming year. We will enjoy the presence of the Lord and each others' presence filled with happiness and thanksgiving!

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